New Fracking Rules From Federal Government

The federal government once again taking the American Indian lands and this time it is not for farmers, instead it is for fracking. Though, doing so would make some people go into their rage mode again, so they came up with this “new rules” that was announced to “support safe and responsible hydraulic fracturing on public and American Indian lands.” The U.S. Department of the Interior stated that it would help improve ways to protect ground water. By adding and updating the regulations from 30 plus years ago they believe that it will help protect the chemicals from getting into groundwater. Even though the federal government stated that they would have that new rules taking effect in June there is still no information about what those new rules are yet. Knowing this the Republicans is trying to do something about this “over-restrictive” regulation. As usual, they are trying to limit the federal government power to regulate the fracking.

“Four years of research and public involvement went into developing the rules”, Interior stated. This is a part of what my group proposed in our senior project on how to improve fracking. We proposed that a committee to be created to conduct research about fracking. They would research about the effects of fracking, ways to prevent, and more efficient ways to better the fracking method. I’m interested on what the effects that those “new rules” that the federal government will release later on in summer.

-“Interior Department Issues Rule to Ensure ‘Safe’ Fracking in Indian Country

*Phiseth O.