Gasoline, Get Your Cheap Gasoline Here!

StoryNowadays, you would heard people say how expensive the gasoline if even though it’s already that cheap. If you don’t recall about a couple of months ago our gasoline prices had went down. Now the energy agency predicts that the gas prices will drop even lower than it is now. It will be the lowest in the last six years. Now, everybody will know where this is heading. Cheaper gas prices equal greater gas usage. Iran stored at least 30 million barrels of oil and “If current negotiations result in oil-related sanctions against Iran being lifted”, then that we will have more oil here available in the U.S. For some people this is a great new, but for others who are nature lovers, not so much.

New technology is being develop as you know it. There are things like hybrid car, recyclable materials in machinery, and other green technologies. With the gas prices going down, who cares about those expensive items? Soon enough the efforts that we have tried all this time to reduce the unhealthy chemicals that are releasing into the air will become nothing. Imagine years of effort will be for nothing because of the decrease in gas prices.

The more people know that there is a lot of oil saved up the more they will use it. It will continue doing so until that moment again when there is not much oil left in the stock. Until then I hope found new sources to supply our power.

-“Gas prices to drop to lowest in six years this summer, agency predicts

*Phiseth O.


New Disputes between Obama and GOP over Environment

Keystone Pipelines

There has been great dispute between President Barack Obama and the now GOP majority in the Senate and larger majority in the House over the environment. The disputes are over the EPA’s regulations, the Keystone Pipeline, and the United States’ and China’s agreement in reducing carbon emissions.

1. EPA Regulations
The EPA is about to pass new rules that would limit carbon emissions; however, Republican leaders in Congress are opposed to them. New Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell says the new rules will destroy the U.S’s coal industry and shut down coal-fired power plants across the nation. He and other conservatives are for a “war on coal” while Republicans want to end funding for these regulations. Obama is expected to veto this legislation.

2. Keystone Pipeline
Republicans are pushing new laws to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline that would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Republicans are annoyed that the Obama administration has not given any decision on the pipeline though White House officials noted that Obama would be likely to veto the pipeline as he regards it premature.

3. Reducing Carbon Emissions
Obama, this week, went to China and the two agreed upon an environmental initiative to reduce their carbon emissions in the next twenty years. Conservatives believe that this would reduce jobs and increase utility rates.

As a supporter of a cleaner environment, I do agree with Obama’s stance on these issues. The GOP seems to be lacking some foresight on the later years (50 years from now, or longer) when the environment could become toxic if carbon emissions are not reduced. However, I do see how there would be present economic decline with these regulations in place or economic boom with the Keystone. Regardless, Obama will have great trouble in exercising his views, now that there is a Republican majority prepared to oppose him on these environmental issues.

– Huy D.

ADHD In Air Pollution Led To EPA’s Carbon Pollution Plan

PLOS ONE, an open access peer reviewed scientific journal, published a study showing how air pollution can increase the chance of unborn child of being diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. The published study also stated that those who were being expose to pollution that contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during their pregnancy stage will be more likely to diagnosed with ADHD. “PAHs are toxic pollutants that are released through the burning of coal, oil, gas or tobacco, and are also formed by cooking meat over high temperatures.”

Normally people in their every day lives will not take notice of this problem because it does not affect them. However, around this time when news about negative effects about air pollution on people’s health is where people start to stand up and protest about it. People demanded that the government should do something about air toxic problem and what did the government decided to do? This Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed a plan “cut carbon emissions from existing power plants, which was announced last week and will go into effect in 2015. The proposed rule calls for a 25 percent cut in carbon emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants by 2020 and a 30 percent cut by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. The regulations are meant to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change, but they bring with them major benefits for public health.” That is one long plan, and by long I mean it will affect the country’s economy no matter how one may look at it.

Cutting the carbon emissions is cutting the use of fuel and oil which people can’t live without it on their daily lives. Not only people will be in rage about it but also the running industrial factories will be heavily affected by it. Whatever the government does money will be required to put things into action and it will not be little.

-“Air Pollution Exposure Can Drastically Increase A Child’s Chances Of Developing ADHD

*Phiseth O.