Keystone XL Pipeline Legislation Passed…

So, the bill has finally passed. However, president Obama is likely to veto it. The Keystone XL Pipeline has been debated on for a very long time but it passed on January 29th after the addition of 41 amendments to the bill.

The legislation passed 62 to 36, which mainly came from the Republican Party though nine of the Democrats present also voted for the passing of the bill. However, Obama will definitely veto it, which would then require the two-thirds needed of the Senate to pass the bill to override Obama’s veto.

Regardless of the incoming veto, Republicans are happy because of two things: one, that the bill even made it onto the president’s desk and second, that there is greater cooperation between the two parties in the Senate. The opinions of both parties were taken into consideration when amendments were being placed on the bill.

Of those two things, I am really only happy with one. The idea that the two parties can discuss and cooperate in the passing of a bill is great. It cuts down greatly on the amount of gridlock as well as allows for the timely passing of new bills.

However, I do not agree with the pipeline, itself, as it is literally a tube that runs through America carrying tons of oil a day. For one, if accidents occur, it would be on American land. Second, that oil is not even being used domestically; it is being shipped out to other countries through the Gulf of Mexico. Third, America (I imagine) is receiving little profits from having the pipeline through the country as this is Canadian oil. So, Obama… slam that veto down!!

– Huy D.


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