Keystone XL Pipeline Legislation Likely Due to Be Passed

There has been much debate over the passing of the Keystone XL Pipeline and with good reason. On one side, it is said to boost the economy because it would create jobs. On the other hand, it’s a pipeline that runs through the United States and if accidents should occur, the environmental problem will be on American soil.

According to Democratic senator, Chuck Schumer on Face the Nation, the legislation would not even provide for many jobs. It would create several thousand jobs initially; however, by the end of construction, there would only be 35 permanent jobs. Therefore, he and other Democrats would propose amendments to the bill that would make it more of what Republicans call the legislation, a “jobs bill”.

They would make sure that the steel used in the construction would be American-made. Also, they would make sure that this Canadian oil from the pipeline would be used in America because as it stands, most, if not all, of the oil transported would be sent to foreign countries. To this, the Democratic senator says, “makes no sense.” Not only that, they would create many jobs through clean energy.

If this bill does pass Congress the first time, the president is likely to veto it. However, the bill, Schumer says, would likely to be struck down the second time even with the amendments. Schumer believes that the bill would only satisfy the interests of the oil and pipeline industry and not of the public. However, this legislation will soon begin the political progress as this is notably one of the GOP’s first actions after its majority goes into Congress.

– Huy D.


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