Water Act of 1972 is a basic regulation to help keep our everyday usage of water clean and safe to drink or cook food. As new proposals are being pass many business owners are raging because of how it will affect their businesses. Because of the proposal, there will more restrictions for farmers to look out for. With that in mind, “one example cited by opponents is potential restrictions on fertilizer and pesticide use.” With more restrictions on farming there will be an effect on the pricing of the crops like grains and hops for instance. With the prices of those crops going up the brewing company will continue the effect and raise their beer prices. It’s a chain effect that will affect the whole country.

It’s good that the Water Act will be stricter because with that it will push people to find other alternative safe resources to grow crops. Also, to develop more technology to fix the problems and advance into a more efficient way of farming instead of staying still in the same process that has negative side effects. Some people are afraid of changes because they are new to and have no experience of it. I afraid of trying new things because I don’t what affect it may have on me. New things can turn into one way or the other, but if people are not willing to try it then they will not advance and that apply to our country as well.

Obama proposal has sparked a water fight in the beer business

*Phiseth O.


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